Work at Bothoor Alkhaer origination for relief and development

For work in Bothoor Alkhaer origination for relief and development

  • Does it inspire you to make a difference
  • Are you aware and motivated to be part of the larger and higher goal of supporting the Iraqis inside Iraq
  • Is it the professionalism that will guide your enthusiasm to help improve the lives of Iraqis through relief, recovery and development initiatives
  • Do you succeed in a multicultural environment, in which diversity is respected and enhanced through the efforts of working groups of different people
  • Actually, these are some of the traits you will find in all Bothoor Alkhaer origination for relief and development members
  • We at Bothoor Alkhaer are looking for talents and integrity, talents that are just, fair, and honest with themselves and others
  • We want human talent that is proactive and adaptable to changing circumstances, talent that is eager to think innovatively in order to The future of Iraq and Iraqis
  • If you think you embody these values, we are pleased to inform you that Bothoor Alkhaer is a perfect fit for your career
  • If you are looking for a job vacancy within Bothoor Alkhaer origination for relief and development, you must possess both sets of competencies required to work In Bothoor Alkhaer, which are the basic competencies that all members of Bothoor Alkhaer possess, regardless of their job positions, and leadership competencies owned by our team members who have a supervisory or leadership role

Basic capabilities
Leadership Competencies