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You can search for opportunities Worked for Seeds of Good Organization for Relief and Development on this site. The location/place of work is mentioned For all job opportunities, whether in our main office in Diyala Baquba, or in one of our offices inside Iraq.

Preparation and submission of employment application

Application for a job The Bothoor Alkhaer Organization for Relief and Development consists of a job application. Which is completed directly Via the recruitment page. CVs are not accepted Attached with any employment application unless the employment application for Bothoor Alkhaer Relief Organization has been completed and development fully. The applicant must Ensure that all required fields are completed in the employment application before sending it Recruitment is an essential part of the application process for a job with Seeds Organization Al Khair for Relief and Development After completing the application On the job, the applicant can submit his application by clicking on the (Submit your application for the job) button. After receiving the employment application The applicant will immediately receive the automatic receipt message, and in case any other documents are needed The Human Resources Department will notify the applicant of it via his e-mail

Evaluation of job application

The job application received is evaluated based on a comparison of educational qualifications, work experience, core competencies, leadership and technical Required in the job description card announced on the organization’s website along with the one owned by the applicant and mentioned in the job application and biography Self received. If it is determined that the applicant has fulfilled most or more of the requirements for the position, he will be contacted for a knowledge test

Interviews and Applicant Assessment Process Work

The job interview can be conducted either by phone, Skype or in person. You will be notified in advance of the time, duration, means or place The interview as well as the job positions of the interview team members. During the interview, we will learn more information about your skills and characteristics and your behavior directly related to your successful performance in the work for which you applied. The evaluation process is a job interview, and the applicant will be notified in advance of the timing of the competency-based job interview that will be taking place With the Human Resources Department by e-mail. If the applicant passes the first job interview successfully, a date and time will be specified Technical job interview, which may be a written test or any other type of simulation exercise or case study. In the event that the exam is not successfully passed, the applicant will be notified of this via e-mail in a timely manner. Please note that the The type and frequency of correspondence with individual candidates may vary during the application process

Notification of candidacy for the position

It is recommended that a pool of qualified candidates be selected after the results of the various evaluation stages. The recommendations are then evaluated by a panel consisting of Representatives of the staff of the Human Resources Department and the requesting department, to ensure that established procedures are properly followed. After making sure of the reference check of the recommended candidates, the line manager and the HR department make the selection decision, which is usually For one person, and the candidate is notified of the success of his application for employment, a job offer is sent to him, which is for a fixed term, during which a candidate can apply Inquire about any information mentioned in the job offer

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