Recruitment categories

Recruitment classes

The workforce of Bothoor Alkhaer origination consists of different categories of employees. Within each category there are different levels, which They are related to the levels of responsibilities and requirements for each job level. The information in this section will help you determine the category and level of employment Which suits you, and this will be useful to you when you start searching and applying for jobs

Professional Staff and Managers

This job category requires professional analytical and communication skills, managerial and supervisory experience, and outstanding leadership ability. employees Those who belong to this category must be fully committed to the values, vision and mission of Bothoor Alkhaer. As they must have Advanced technical experience in their field of specialization, strategic thinking, and able to lead teams with diverse members and different with high efficiency and effectiveness. This category includes the level of executives (G7)

Local Professional Staff Category

Employees in this category are usually recruited locally, and are assigned the work they must perform at a high professional level. And the higher the level Administrative positions for jobs within this category increase the responsibilities that the job requires, and practical experience becomes very necessary. Job holders in this category need to achieve results in operational, procedural and technical capabilities. Moreover, skills Analytics are important for this category. This category includes three levels: Managers (G6), Coordinators (G5), and Principals (G4)

General service personnel

The work of General Service staff supports the performance of Bothoor Alkhaer programs and projects, which is usually procedural, operational, or technically. Accordingly. The specialized knowledge and high-level skills of employees of this category are often developed through long experience and knowledge The procedures, regulations and projects in force in a purely specialized technical field. The category of service personnel (general) includes two levels: the officials G3) and Specialists (G2)

Specific service personnel

The holders of posts in this category should be familiar with the procedures, regulations and executive regulations, and this category includes one level and they are Service Personnel (G1)