Anti-bribery policy

is committed to a Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development the highest ethical standards and does not undertake or condone bribery in any way

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Anti-bribery policy applies to all employees of Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development and to all third parties operating or Represent on behalf of BAORD in any capacity, including subcontractors, agents, brokers and business partners

This means that anyone working for or on behalf of BAORD should never solicit, accept or Agrees to receive, promise, offer or give a bribe, facilitation payment, bribery or other improper payment

BAORD will post an anti-bribery policy on its website

BAORD does not solicit, accept or agree to receive, promise, offer or give bribes. This ban applies
  • For transactions with foreign or local government officials or employees, or with any private company or person, whether in the conduct of business local or international
  • Whether payment is made or received directly or through a third party such as an agent, representative, contractor, joint venture partner, or customer / Customer, supplier or family member Concealment of bribes for commercial gain in charitable and educational donations is prohibited.
  • There is no distinction between bribes and prohibited "facilitating" payments, either. Facilitation payment is a small payment for a low public servant The level, which is not formally required, to enable or speed up a process that it is the administrator's job to arrange. We also strive to ensure that Our agents, subcontractors and suppliers make payment facilities on our behalf

    A bribe includes a benefit given or received in any form, which may include

  • Cash
  • Advantages
  • Unfair advantages to family or friends in relation to training or employment opportunities (work experience, apprenticeship positions, internships) internal or permanent positions)
  • Service Provision
  • Gifts, hospitality or entertainment

Gifts & Hospitality

Giving and receiving modest gifts and hospitality as a matter of courtesy is an acceptable business practice, provided that they are proportionate and not Expected or obtained as rewards to acquire or retain business or to create a commercial advantage. Gift value should not exceed 50 US dollars


If you are concerned about possible inappropriate behavior, please refer your concerns to the CEO. If in doubt about whether the batch The gift or service constitutes a bribe, please ask the CEO before accepting or making a payment, gift or service