Widows and Orphans

alerted Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development
to the difficult conditions suffered by widows and orphans in Iraq, calling for the development of programs to employ them and lift them out of poverty, and the conflict The official statistics, along with the statistics of international organizations regarding the number of widows and orphans in Iraq, confirm the concerned “UNICEF” organization In the family and childhood that “about 3 million widows in Iraq, and more than 6 million orphans.” The International Red Cross, The alarm bell for widows in Iraq, stressing that "widows in Iraq are still struggling daily to provide food for their families." She indicated The local organization said in a statement that “Bothoor Alkhaer provides assistance to widows and orphans through small projects that give them the opportunity to obtain on an income that enables them to live in dignity.” But at the same time, she stressed that the aid she provides is insufficient, calling on international organizations And the Iraqi government to “make greater efforts to lift widows and orphans out of poverty and destitution, especially since most of them struggle to Providing daily food for their families.”

    With each detonation of a car bomb or a suicide bomber with an explosive belt or a device and the like, or sectarian violence, the number of orphans and widows in Iraq, every day and every hour, families are waiting for the announcement of the loss of a person, and the pace of suffering escalates in severity, millions of victims left by operations The terrorist group changed the course of many families after losing a mother, father and brother, and it is no secret to anyone that widowhood extends to all aspects of life. Social poverty, destitution, family and social deterioration, and sometimes moral corruption, which exposes the family and children to loss. Happy life, family Young, children raised on family love, a husband with dreams, hopes and ambitions, and for an unexpected moment, life stops in this house, The ghost of grief hangs over this family. The stories of widows are increasing day by day, and children are the victims. It is suffering, needs and grief that has no end. . There are women with an iron will who, under these circumstances, were able to write wonderful stories, despite the harshness of life, and were able to live in its shadow. She, not that she needs to live in the shadow of a man, and she did not fall prey to depression, but rather was determined to complete the journey and take responsibility, and among whom she is now A role model in society

    During its years of giving, the organization has prepared and implemented multiple programs that sought to reduce the scourge of poverty and unemployment, and to provide aid and assistance. for widows and orphans, and worked on the sustainability and continuity of these programs every year to provide the best and most urgent services, while striving to meet The needs of the various segments of society, in addition to their care and guarantee of the hope and orphans, by adopting productive projects for women in the local community, support their projects aimed at the stage that guarantees them a decent life, and contribute to supplementing the income of their families to achieve these goals The stage as a project of sewing machines and raising goats — etc.

    As for the organization’s main field of work in caring for and caring for orphans, the organization provided services to sponsor one thousand and two hundred orphaned children, and aid It continues to take care of this category of children, from distributing food parcels to families In need, setting up tables for the Most Merciful, providing Eid clothing, the school bag project, as well as cooperative projects that will generate income. and digging wells to secure water and encourage agriculture around orphanages

    The organization sensed the steady rise in the unemployment rate among young people, especially those aged between (15) and (18) years, She found that it is her national and humanitarian duty to provide the opportunity for these young people to qualify for a profession such as the profession of maintaining hybrid cars. And electricians get involved after being rehabilitated and trained in the labor market. From here, the organization’s management body decided to make vocational training projects for maintenance Cars, mobiles, blacksmithing, carpentry, etc... in it, with the latest equipment and necessary tools, and the distinguished experts in this field. the field. In order to secure part of the necessary funding, in addition to the organization's contribution to the other part, comes this study, which summarizes the need. The work of the organization is based

Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development to achieve a set of goals it adopts, which are summarized as follows:

  • Orphan Sponsorship
  • Aid to widows
  • Caring for orphans and girls with special needs
  • Establishment of a vocational training center to rehabilitate widows and orphans to enter the labor market and raise psychological, health and legal awareness
  • Establishing productive projects for poor families to improve their standard of living
  • Attracting different segments of society to participate in the implementation of orphan care and sponsorship programs
  • Community awareness, holding seminars, organizing public lectures, and providing the necessary training for young people in various fields to qualify them to enter to the labor market
  • Establishing tables for the Most Merciful in the blessed month of Ramadan and distributing charity parcels to needy families
  • Conducting research and survey studies related to the care and sponsorship of orphans and widows at the level of Iraq
  • Cooperating with studies and consulting centers in Iraqi universities to benefit from their studies on the labor market needs of trained workers skilled skills and work to meet them by providing technical training and vocational rehabilitation programs for orphaned children