Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development is working on the study, development and implementation of development projects with the aim of Providing job opportunities for needy families and contributing, and spinning the wheel of economic development In liberated areas through micro-enterprise and early recovery programmes, the gradual transition of society from relief and consumption to development and production

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Number of beneficiaries: 133.950
Economic Empowerment Livelihood Program

The Economic Empowerment Program seeks to provide direct support to people to increase income and living standards. As it is a social process Multidimensional helps people take control of their lives. It is a practice that relies on power in societies for mutual benefit for individuals. It empowers and supports people to reach their goals by providing training, curricula and opportunities

Program mission

Empowering individuals economically through small business capacity building programs, vocational training, and eventually incubation. As well as linking individuals to job opportunities or supporting them in setting up their own projects, contributing to strengthening the capacities of the displaced and refugees, and building Cohesion between host and local communities


  1. Society
  2. Small Business Management Training: A comprehensive hands-on course designed to enable participants to manage their own business and operations
  3. Business incubator: providing an incubating environment that helps new companies, and start developing them by providing services such as management training or Help with business basics
  4. Connecting Individuals to Income Opportunities: Creating a platform that connects qualified people with job opportunities that match their skills, also by providing a pool Custom start for each profession

Program date

The first project of economic empowerment programs was implemented in 2017. It consists of providing vocational training in carpentry, cash In exchange for work and sewing, and it was implemented in Mosul and Diyala, carpentry is a handicraft trade and as a result of this training, more than 1300 people

and its features

  • The program aims to increase support and contribute to strengthening the resilience of IDPs and refugees and building cohesion between host communities. and hosted
  • As well as employment opportunities and support for the economic stability of individuals by supporting their adaptation and adaptation
  • The focus is also on promoting mental and social health and well-being along with cohesion with the community through transition to productivity and provide a good example of positive coping

: The Economic Empowerment Program is

  • Designed to be integrated with other software
  • Building expertise

Program projects

  • Vocational Training Workshops
  • Cash for Work Programs