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In the health sector, we provide services at three levels, primary health care and secondary health care, in addition to work to improve The situation of the injured and children in particular, and the sick in general. Our projects cover most of the affected areas in the liberated areas

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Number of beneficiaries: 8,640
Health Program

Works to rehabilitate hospitals and health centers and reduce deaths and spread of diseases, and provides sustainable support for medical facilities as well as Responding to emergency situations by covering the rehabilitation of hospitals and war-affected centers

Program Mission

Contribute to building a stable health system in Iraq by providing health-related humanitarian assistance, Focusing on the most vulnerable people, as well as strengthening coordination and health information systems, to improve the effectiveness of the health response Lifesaving

Areas of Expertise

  1. Supporting Medical Centers: Maintaining Health Care Services for Those in Need and Helping Reduce Deaths by Providing Care and supplies
  2. Emergency response: Rehabilitate hospitals, damaged medical facilities and equipment
  3. Medical Diagnostics: Laboratory and Imaging Services

Program date

Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development has various pillars to help achieve the goal of improving health systems provided by Through the rehabilitation of hospitals, health centers and awareness fully equipped with high-quality medical services, and trained medical personnel Well-trained, rapid response, and appropriate health information systems (including reports of medical specialties, epidemiology and disease) chronic)

  • Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development projects are implemented in most of the besieged or hard-to-reach areas where the need is Health care is the biggest
  • The emergency response plan supports medical supplies, emergency medical equipment and facility rehabilitation
  • The Health Diagnostics Department of "Seed Al Khair Organization for Relief and Development" is increasing the level of health services provided
Program projects

  • Supporting medical centers and providing emergency response
  • Women's Health Awareness