Humanitarian Charter

Provide life-changing support with your donation, we'll save more than Just emergency relief. We are uplifting thousands of Iraqi families through our programs Food security and livelihoods, shelter, water and sanitation, women and children protection programmes, and educational services, Agrarian reform, job training and employment, and much more

First: Purpose of this document

This document aims to define the ethical and humanitarian controls that Seeds of Goodness Organization for Relief and Development works to promote among Its employees or volunteers, in a manner that serves humanitarian work and achieves its goals

First: Purpose of this document

  1. Pleasing the Creator

  2. The first and most important principle from which Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development is based in carrying out its work is to work to please God Almighty. And he asked to obtain remuneration and reward from him by serving those who are eligible for aid wherever possible

  3. The Mercy of Creation

  4. Honoring the human being and looking at the deserving with an eye of mercy coupled with a responsible sense are binding ethical premises that the Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development to strengthen and work with it

  5. Integrity

  6. The Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development Bothoor Alkhaer nothing but the interest of the deserving, and rejects any other interest, whether from Prior to personal benefit or organizational or political interest

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Quality Policy

Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development is an independent, non-profit organization engaged in the provision of humanitarian services. Its strategic vision is to be the best in the world in providing quality humanitarian services to the Iraqi community, Through the implementation of humanitarian projects that meet the needs of the direct beneficiary. Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO:2018 standards, in order to ensure achieving the vision and objectives of the organization with better performance and in accordance with the principles and requirements of humanitarian work

In this sense, Bothoor Alkhaer Origination For Relief And Development is committed to a quality policy in order to provide quality humanitarian services that meet the needs of the direct beneficiary, and achieve the satisfaction of all parties dealing with the organization, through
Commitment to achieving legal requirements and legislation, whether local or international, related to humanitarian work, especially the law International humanitarian law and the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, impartiality and independence, by ensuring coordination With organizations working in the international and local humanitarian field
focusing on development in work performance and continuous improvement to ensure the provision of humanitarian services that are better suited to the principles and requirements of work humanitarian projects, in addition to creating a qualitative advantage for humanitarian projects presented for the benefit of the direct and indirect beneficiary
interest in preserving the environment and reducing pollution as well as rationalizing the consumption of natural resources during the implementation of humanitarian projects.
Making decisions based on the results of analyzing the correct and documented information. Enhance their satisfaction and raise their level of satisfaction continuously. Adopting project management, monitoring, analysis and evaluation methodologies to ensure the effective implementation of humanitarian projects and their achievement of objectives set for it. Adopting accountability is a valuable means to ensure that humanitarian services are provided and reach the beneficiaries in accordance with the principles and requirements of the work Humanitarian issues, by dealing responsibly with issues related to accountability, and taking what is necessary to address them as soon as possible. Encouraging the organization's employees to participate and express proposals and opinions that help develop work performance

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